Improving Business Processes

This popular 4-day track provides participants with a comprehensive toolkit for effectively analyzing data in financial and related industries.

Minitab Essentials for Service Quality (2 Days)

In this 2-day foundational course you will learn to minimize the time required for data analysis by using Minitab to import data, develop sound statistical approaches to exploring data, create and interpret compelling graphs, and export results. Analyze a variety of real world data sets to learn how to align your applications with the right statistical tool, and interpret statistical output to reveal problems with a process or evidence of an improvement. Learn the fundamentals of important statistical concepts, such as hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, and how to uncover and describe relationships between variables with statistical modeling tools.

This course places a strong emphasis on making sound decisions based upon the practical application of statistical techniques commonly used in business, transactional, and services processes.

Topics include

Importing and Formatting Data
Bar Charts
Pareto Charts
Tables and Chi-Square Analysis
Measures of Location and Variation

Proportion Tests
Tests for Equal Variance
Power and Sample Size
Simple Linear and Multiple Regression


None. This course is a prerequisite for all other general Minitab Certified courses for Service Quality.


Statistical Quality Analysis for Service Quality (1 Day)

Develop the necessary skills to successfully evaluate and certify your measurement systems. Learn the basic fundamentals of statistical process control and how these important quality tools can provide the necessary evidence to improve and control your processes. Develop the skills to know when and where to use the various types of control charts available in Minitab. Learn how to utilize important capability analysis tools to evaluate your processes relative to internal and customer specifications.

The course emphasizes the teaching of quality tools as they pertain to service industries.

Topics include

Attribute Agreement for Binary, Nominal, and Ordinal Data
Kappa and Kendall’s Coefficients
Gage R&R
Variables and Attribute Control Charts
Capability Analysis for Normal, Nonnormal, and Attribute Data



Statistical Modeling for Service Quality (1 Day)

Expand your set of available statistical tools by analyzing data from real world problems experienced in service industries. Strengthen analysis skills with tools used to explore and describe relationships between variables. Learn to discover and describe features in data related to the effect and impact of time, and how to forecast future process behaviour.

Utilize graphical and quantitative approaches to describe similarities and differences between the effects of various factors on important quality characteristics. Learn how to find and quantify the effect that factors have on the probability of a critical event occurring.

Topics include

Multi-Variable ANOVA
Binary Logistic Regression
Factorial Designs
Time Series Tools, including Exponential Smoothing
Trend Analysis
Multiple Linear Regression including Best Subsets and Stepwise Regression



On- Site Training

Training for an organization’s employees at its site. Minimum participants required-10 Nos. Training module (Service Quality / Manufacturing), level of the training and date would be scheduled as per mutual convenience.

The benefits of on-site training are:

Upcoming Live Online Public Training Schedule

Minitab Essentials - Service Quality

* IMP Note: For Groups of 15+, we can schedule an exclusive program, on mutually convenient date & time. Contact us to know the details.

Upcoming Live Online Public Training Schedule

Statistical Quality Analysis & Statistical Modeling - Service Quality

* IMP Note: For Groups of 15+, we can schedule an exclusive program, on mutually convenient date & time. Contact us to know the details.

Classroom Public Training

We offer Training at many convenient locations in India. Sessions are designed for beginners as well as for experienced professional. We schedule date, time, module (Service Quality / Manufacturing) and venue. It remains open to all and we limit enrollment so our trainers have time to address individual’s query.

Attending along with participants from mixed verticals & functions, has rich take-aways.

Upcoming Classroom Public Training Schedule

Due to Covid-19, we are currently not conducting any Classroom Training Program. We are pleased to inform you that we are conducting a Live Online Training Program. Please check our Upcoming Schedule by clicking the below button link.

Sample Material

Course materials for our training sessions were developed by Minitab experts with years of quality improvement experience. Sections are filled with hands-on examples, time-saving tips and more. They are a valuable resource and are yours to keep after any session.


Minitab Statistical Software Sample Course Materials

Service Quality – t-Test

To promote higher productivity and greater customer satisfaction, a financial services institution wants to establish a baseline for their loan process. They use a 1-sample t-test to estimate the range of likely values for the average processing time and to determine whether their average time differs from a competitor’s claim of 6 hours. They use a normality test to determine whether the data are normally distributed and a time series plot to looks for trends in the data.

Client's Speak: Testimonials

Training delivery and using simple examples & later build on that. Clarity on DOE & Time series.

– Amit Chauhan, Indus Tower Ltd

A good understanding of all statistical tools on Minitab. The trainer knowledge on the Minitab tools was excellent & all questions were answered in detail.

– Sanjay Rao, Indus Tower Ltd

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