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Introducing Graph Builder: Visualizations Built to Move You Forward

The right visualizations are powerful, but creating them can take lots of time and energy—until now. Introducing Graph Builder, our new tool to instantly visualize, create, and explore your insights in the latest release of Minitab Statistical Software. Join our webinar to see how Graph Builder can easily help you create and switch between graphs seamlessly, so you can focus on choosing the right visual for your needs.


Advanced Predictive Analytics with Minitab Statistical Software

Ready to boost your analytics skillset and take your data expertise to the next level? Explore how to save time and maintain accuracy with tree-based machine learning algorithms, like Classification and Regression Trees (CART®), TreeNet® and Random Forests®. These methods found in Minitab Statistical Software and Minitab’s Predictive Analytics Module are essential to manage larger data sets and have power to visualize complex interactions for deeper, easily explainable insights


Introduction to Minitab Engage

Operational excellence and continuous improvement are critical to organizational success now more than ever. Meet Minitab Engage, your end-to-end operational excellence, innovation and idea management solution. This webinar will introduce you to Minitab Engage and highlight features to help you build improvement and innovation programs. Discover how Minitab Engage is the only solution designed to start, track, manage and share innovation and improvement initiatives from idea generation through execution!


See the unknown with Monte Carlo Simulation

Variation creates unknown risk within a process. However, knowing how to identify and manage that risk can be a secret weapon – empowering you to avoid waste and allocate resources more effectively. Minitab Statistical Software empowers you to model data and quantify risk. Monte Carlo simulation in Minitab Workspace can help you predict risk and learn how to manage it. In this webinar, you will learn how you can ensure products meet their intended specifications by studying the process inputs and developing a (y=f(x)) equation that describes the process, take the equation further by considering the uncertainty in the inputs – which results in a more realistic view of the response, and perform Monte Carlo simulation to further predict process capability and identify the best strategy to determine optimal process settings using parameter optimization and sensitivity analysis


Introduction to Minitab Statistical Software

Unlock the value of your Data with Minitab. During the Webinar we will showcase on importance of Digital Transformation in an Organisation. Tools, Features & Capabilities of Minitab Statistical Software for better Decision Making. Tips from our Minitab Experts on how to get the most from Minitab Statistical Software.


What's New in Minitab

Discover how the latest release of Minitab Statistical Software can help You enhance the impact of Your work in your Business by attending our Webinar. During the Webinar we will introduce New Minitab Release 20.2 and showcase all the Latest Addition of Minitab Software. Confidently Analyze Data & Report Results. Minitab is now available on both Desktop and on the Cloud.


Introduction to Classification & Regression Trees in Minitab

During the Webinar, You will understand how Classification and Regression Trees (CART) will expand your Predictive Analytics capabilities to better enable you to proactively make Decisions. To help you Discover new and Improved ways to find Trusted Insights to make Better Business Decisions


Pharma Manufacturing Excellence ASSURED with Minitab

Objective of the Webinar, benefits of incorporating Minitab into your Pharma Quality Improvement Journey, Importance of Data Analytics in Pharma Industry & Importance of using the Right Statistical Methods for Better Decisions in Pharma Industry


Manufacturing Excellence ASSURED with Minitab

With Minitab, leverage the Maximum Insights from your Data. During the Webinar, We will showcase the Available Features & Tools in Minitab for better Decision Making & How to Analyse Data in Minitab. And also Explore Tools like Histogram, Process Capability, Control Chart, etc. with real time examples relates to Manufacturing Industry.


Healthcare Excellence ASSURED with Minitab

Healthcare Data Analytics can Transform the Healthcare Industry. For this, understanding the Process, collecting Data around that Process, and knowing what Analytics to perform is key. Awareness about the Process and Opportunities to improve Patient Care and cut costs will benefit from using Data to drive Decisions in an Organization that will result in better Business and better Patient Care.


Service Excellence ASSURED with Minitab

With Minitab, leverage the Maximum Insights from your Data. During the Webinar, We will showcase the Available Features & Tools in Minitab for better Decision Making & How to Analyse Data in Minitab. Explore Tools like Pareto Chart, Process Capability, Control Chart, etc. with real time examples related to Service Industry


Introduction to Minitab Workspace

Visualize, Optimize, Prioritize & Map better than ever before. Searching for simple Solutions to achieve the Greatest Impact with your work? Minitab Workspace enables you to move work forward with Powerful Visual Tools, Process Maps, Brainstorming Diagrams and Forms. All in one intuitive interface right at your fingertips.

American Manufacturing Strategies Summit

The 12th Annual American Manufacturing Strategies Summit will cover subjects such as: defining and delineating strategic objectives from a corporate strategy map to operational value stream deliverables; how to maintain and enhance productivity during a pandemic through lean and social responsibility methods; the change management model in successfully deploying OpEx; the fourth industrial revolution: implementation and research trends; the importance of establishing capable measurement systems in manufacturing processes; transformational leadership practices to improve culture and engagement.

BIOMEDevice Boston

At BIOMEDevice Boston, suppliers have the opportunity to increase their client portfolio and generate new business leads right on the show floor. Focusing on emerging technologies and trends, this event brings together the region’s top start-ups and medical device OEMS to push the MedTech community forward.

The Quality Show

The Quality Show is a 3-day tradeshow dedicated to connecting quality manufacturing professionals with process improvement vendors for all things QUALITY. Thousands of manufacturing professionals and engineers come to network, attend education session and take home actionable solutions that can improve quality in your manufacturing planning.

IHI Annual National Forum of Quality Improvement in Health Care

The IHI Forum is a four-day conference that has been the home of quality improvement (QI) in health care for more than 30 years. It brings together health care visionaries, improvement professionals, world leaders and industry newcomers.